Remember your first concert? You were probably somewhere in the nosebleed seats, trying to pick out the supertiny bassist from the supertiny rhythm guitarist onstage while hollowed-out versions of the band's most popular songs echoed throughout the arena's crappy audio system. An 8-year-old Pearl Jam fan's first concert was nothing like that.

Eight-year-old Nick Lebresco attended the band's show Tuesday night (Oct. 22) at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with his parents. At the end of the night, he walked out of the concert with a tambourine, the set list, a drum stick and a bunch of guitar picks -- all given to him by frontman Eddie Vedder.

According to, "Vedder took one of his tambourines and tossed it to an usher, appearing to tell the guy to make sure it reached 'the kid.'" Making this story that much more awesome is the fact that Pearl Jam were covering the Who's classic 'Baba O'Riley' at the time. You can watch the action in the above video.

But it didn't stop there. Later in the show, Vedder "sent a bunch of other stuff over to Nick," according to the report. And then the singer stood on a speaker and waved at Nick, who was holding up a giant "It's My First Concert" sign, before he fell onto the speaker. You can see video of all that below.

Apparently, this wasn't even supposed to be the kid's first concert. His parents were planning to take him and and his sister to see pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, but they wanted their children's first concert experiences to be a bit more memorable. After a friend bowed out of the Pearl Jam show, the ticket was freed up for Nick's mom and dad to take their totally lucky son to his first, unforgettable concert.

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