As two flesh-and-blood actors play out the roles of video-game heroes in the trailer for the new PlayStation 4, a greater force casts its presence over the scene. The two men, dressed in warrior-like battle garb and armed with various weapons, approach each other as a piano-driven melody sets the mood. If you're a Lou Reed fan, you'll instantly recognize his familiar song.

But while that's definitely 'Perfect Day' emerging from the battle scene, that isn't Reed singing. The actors begin to sing the lines from the 1972 classic, as a drag race between the pair is next on the agenda before the scene is thrust into some sort of futuristic battle as the slogan "Greatness Awaits" appears.

'Perfect Day' has been covered by everyone from Duran Duran to Susan Boyle over the years. Reed's original version of the song was even used in a 2010 commercial for AT&T, and it famously appeared in the 1996 movie 'Trainspotting.'

We're not exactly sure what the song has to do with PlayStation's new gaming system, which comes out next month. Maybe Reed is a big gamer -- remember that 'My Red Joystick' song of his from back in 1984? Either way, you should pick up a copy of Reed's solo album 'Transformer' to hear the classic version of 'Perfect Day' in all its game-free glory.