On the 9th of December, Police in Spartanburg, South Carolina had a disturbing 911 call. It was anything but your typical emergency.  They were called to a residence to break up a family fight . . . over DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE.

Apparently, three women in the family had bought the tree:  76-year-old Patricia Ann Wright, 62-year-old Joyce Belcher, and 24-year-old Kimberly Tucker.  We know they're family, but we don't know the specific relationships.

Anyway, turns out two of the women had decorated the tree during the afternoon while the third one was at work.  And when she got home, she was FURIOUS they'd decorated the tree without her, and started yelling at them.

Another relative, 41-year-old James Belcher, showed up and tried to calm them down.  Naturally, that made EVERYTHING worse, and the women started shoving each other.  Eventually one of them called the cops.

The cops came and broke up the fight, but all four family members started apologizing to each other and asking the cops not to make any arrests.   And the cops showed the best Christmas spirit of all by granting that request.

Someone really need to remind these people of the JOY OF CHRISTMAS!