A pair of beloved rock vets are returning with new albums this summer, so naturally we're celebrating by pitting two of their new songs against one another in this week's edition of Clash of the Titans. Whose latest opus is brawnier: Ted Nugent's 'Everything Matters,' or Judas Priest's 'March of the Damned'?

As we previously reported, Nugent is set to return July 8 with 'ShutUp&Jam,' his first album of new studio material since 2007. "We are so proud of this record," he told Ultimate Classic Rock. "I think this album is wall-to-wall crescendos, because it’s [sourced from] 65 and a half years [of being] clean and sober and my life is a crescendo. ... I know it’s been seven years since I recorded a studio album, but my God, do I have a bunch more songs like this. I’m telling myself every day and I hope I obey me, but I’m telling myself that I’ve got to get back to the studio within the next year or at least the next year and a half and capture some of these other monster grinding soul music masterpieces, because the songs are so inspiring. They’re so stimulating."

Judas Priest have tabbed the same release date for their new LP, 'Redeemer of Souls,' which arrives six years after their previous effort, 'Nostradamus,' and serves as new guitarist Richie Faulkner's first album with the band. Promising "Vikings, dragons, aliens, a bit of Bible-thumping and some guns" on the new record, singer Rob Halford told Ultimate Classic Rock, "That’s what you need in a metal record. It’s strong and it’s intense, but there’s a lot of fun and exploration, through at least that side, with the lyrical content...We felt it was important to make another classic metal album, which is generally what Priest has been famous for over the last 40 years."

Both acts are obviously proud of their new stuff, but which of these songs hits you hardest where it counts? Listen to them both below before voting, and remember: you can cast a ballot once an hour between now and Sunday, July 13 at 11:59PM ET, when this Clash of the Titans poll goes on the books.

Listen to Ted Nugent's 'Everything Matters'

Listen to Judas Priest's 'March of the Damned'