Everything pumpkin is on the menu for a full day this weekend at Hobart's Pumpkin Palooza. From pumpkin carving to pumpkin bowling and bocce ball. If you can do it with a pumpkin, it's on the to-do list for this event... But the main event is the Pumpkin Chunkin' event.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't know what pumkin chunking is. It's just about the most fun you can have with a pumpkin. Most turn up with some old school catapult technologies called trebuchets, but they can launch an eight pound pumpkin half a mile.

The air cannons are the real stars of the show. With a flip of a butterfly valve, you hear that familiar and spectacularly loud 'whoosh' of air as one poor pumpkin takes off. They can reach almost a mile, but the air pressure needed to do that is so large, it's considered extremely dangerous for anyone near the tanks.

It's definitely something you should see at least once, and it's happening this Saturday, October 15th in Hobart. Click here for all the details.