Yes, there's meditation and exercise to help us clear our mind and be happier, you can even get drugs to assist you in finding your happy place, but have you tried any of these: 

Rubbing your ears

Ear reflexology involves stimulating the pressure points on the ear connected with various parts of our body. This works with our negative emotions, too. Massaging the outer rings of each ear might boost your mood. Nancy found out about this and now she can't stop rubbing her ears!

Move to Australia

Australia was named the happiest country in the world compared to 142 other countries around the globe.

Sell real estate

Real-estate agents love their jobs the most, according to Forbes. When accounting for office environment and compensation, real estate agents were at the top of the list. Customer service agents, marketing coordinators, and legal assistants were at the bottom.

Play video games

67% of gamers reported playing a video game decreased their depression and increased their well-being and social functioning. This is the case even for gamers in their 70s.

What is the one thing that you do that makes you instantly happier?