Sometimes we bet with our heart and not with our head, and when we lose our bets we end up doing some pretty strange things to pay our debts. And last night during batting practice there had to be a lot of confused Texas Rangers fans, when they saw what they thought was Tony Romo in the outfield.It seems that uniform bets are all the rage in 2012, and it started last week with Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers betting the group Boyz to Men that if the Packers lost to the San Fransisco 49ers last Sunday that he would put on a Niners jersey for a day, Niners won and Rogers backed out on his bet.

Not the case with Texas Rangers pitcher Joe Nathan, Nathan a long time New York Giants fan made a bet with Rangers pitcher Mike Adams that the Giants would beat the Dallas Cowboys and if the Giants won he would dress like Tony Romo. Well the Cowboys won 24-17 and last night Nathan made good on his bet.