Nothing takes the 'boring' out of cold weather cabin fever like a good DIY project... and I have to admit, this one is super cheap and awesome.

So I was looking around Amazon, needing one more thing to use a coupon, and I stumbled across these things. I thought to myself, why on earth would someone pay $11 for that? Then it hit me, they would look festive above my bar... It's a must do.

Being a proud DIY'er, I instantly started thinking about the cheapest way to recreate these, and I'm pretty sure I cracked this code.

First thing you're going to need - a spare set of xmas lights... If you don't already have these lying around like me, I picked some up on clearance at WalMart for two bucks.

While I was there, I bought a small sleeve of cups for a dollar and some change.

Went home, busted out the drill (because even the smallest projects call for power-tools) and started drilling holes in cups.

As it turns out, a 1/4" drill bit is just big enough to squeeze those small 'indoor' xmas lights through... but small enough it'll stay on that green plastic socket without falling off.

If you drill holes at an angle, or they seem a little too big for the lights, put a dab of hot glue on it. It'll hold.

It literally took eight minutes to do this project, and the results are pretty awesome.

Don't let this bitterly cold weather bring you down. Go forth, be awesome. DIY it.