A small town in Northeast Oklahoma has discovered tiny blood worms - also known as red worms - in their water supply.

Colcord, a town located in Deleware County in Oklahoma discovered these wiggly invaders on Tuesday night hoping that a good old fashioned cleaning will get rid of the worms.

The Emergency Management office has declared the water possibly unsafe to drink and are giving citizens jugs of water for their routines.

In wake of this incident many businesses were closed on Wendesday as well as schools. Due to the nature of the water system Superintendent JD Parkenson has stated that the schools in Colcord will remain shut down for the rest of the week.

News 6 in Tulsa reports that these worms are the larvae of tiny-gnat like flies.

According to Cody Giddy the tiny worms appeared to have entered the water system through it's filters and distribution lines.

The water supply in Concord is tested twice a day every day of the year to check for water levels, maintenance on the system and infestations such as this.

The Water Management office plans to flush out the system for the next couple days. After the system is flushed out the office will scrub the tanks in hopes that the problem will be solved.