On paper, this shouldn't work.

But as they say in the NFL, that's why they play the games.

When the Hollywood strip regular hard rockers Rock Sugar released a mash-up of the Metallica classic rocker "Enter Sandman" and the Journey hit "Don't Stop Believing", music fans around the world cringed at the thought.

And then they listened.

courtesy of youtube.com/Laser 1017fm

Most rock purist don't consider Rock Sugar is not a "real" band, though they do play regularly on Hollywood, CA's legendary Sunset Strip, as well as playing music festivals across the country. The band's "backstory" claims their sound was developed when the band was stranded on a desert island in 1989, with nothing but a CD player, plenty of batteries and the CD collection of a 13-year-old girl. In truth, they are the brainchild of tv & movie voice over pro/lead singer Jess Harnell, drummer and keyboardist Alexander Track and guitarist Chuck Duran. In 2011 the trio added bass player Ken Cain.

Their 2011 album Reanimator, features 13 mash-ups of classic hard rock and pop-rock tunes. The song that kept me wanting more Rock Sugar was the album's lead track "Don't Stop The Sandman", an incredible collision that on its face you wouldn't think would fly.

But soar it does!

video courtesy of youtube.com/Laser 1017fm