Sam Berns died Friday of complications from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, commonly known as progeria. 

This video is from a speaking engagement in 2013 in which Sam gave his philosophy for a happy life, we all should take something from this.

Berns was diagnosed with progeria when he was 22 months old. His parents founded the nonprofit foundation after encountering a lack of information and research on the condition.

Sam wanted to ensure the world would know that the disease did not define him. Working hard, he excelled in school, and while he was not your typical candidate for the marching band, he worked hard to play the drums until he succeeded. Wise and charismatic, he had a talent for telling his story and might have become, though this was not his primary focus, an inspirational speaker, or president. Seeing him, knowing his plans for the future, his determination to live a full life, his optimism made you believe he would fulfill his dreams. Sam died over the weekend at age 17,

He became the subject of an HBO documentary, "Life According to Sam." The exposure has brought greater recognition to the condition, which causes musculoskeletal degeneration, cardiovascular problems and other symptoms associated with aging.

This world will be a lonely place without you Sam Berns, you will not be forgotten.