Most people don't travel a lot for work.  A lot of people, have to do it occasionally but you always feel like the one who is unprepared when you get to the airport and see all the savvy business travelers.  Here are some of the tips I have picked up sitting next to them as they do business around the country:

1. Always keep your travel toiletries packed and ready.  It will keep you from worrying and will always ensure you get the deodorant on the plane with you.  If you travel at least twice a year, you'll be happy that it is always ready and you don't have to remember anything.

2. A pair of undies in your carry-on is pretty important.  It's never happened to me -- but the stories of lost or delayed luggage are out there.  Always pack your medication, that important presentation for tomorrow and an extra pair of undies in your carry-on.  Might save you tons of trouble in the long run.

3. Don't be the jerk who stuffs a week of clothes in a carry-on.  It will save you 15 minutes at baggage claim -- but everyone hates you for taking up too much room in the overhead bin, for taking so long to shove the thing up there -- and get it back out again.  Just check the bag, dude.  We'll all have a happier time.

4. Everything you own plugs in and it is amazing how often we leave the plugs behind.  Get some neon electrical or duct tape and put some on the cord of your chargers.  It will help you easily spot them while collecting things in your room.

5. Save some space and wear the same clothes you went in to go back home.  Almost no one will see you at the airport -- so going home in the same clothes will save you an entire outfit worth of room.

6. Even if you are going on business, pack some sneakers.  You never know when you'll want to walk to a restaurant at night or do a little sight seeing.

7. Be prepared for security checks.  Probably my biggest pet peeve and, in this day and age, everyone should be ready.  Here are the reasons people will hate you:

A. You have to take the computer out of the bag.  Doesn't matter.  Has to happen.  It has to be in the bin and the computer case goes behind it.  Never changes.  Just get it out of the damn bag already.

B. Your shoes are coming off.  Don't care how much you bitch about it.  They're coming off -- so wear shoes that don't take 22 years to unbuckle.  Wear slip on shoes with socks so we don't have to walk behind your foot gunge.

C. Once you are through -- don't start putting your shoes on at the conveyer -- take your crap and walk 10 steps away so we can all get our stuff, too.

8. This one is for women, really:  clean out your purse (or bag) before you go.  You don't want every receipt from the last 10 years falling out while you try to find your ID.  Keep things in order so you will have less stress and there will be less stress behind you.

9. Finally:  remember to say please and thank you and that everyone is trying to get somewhere, too.