So it finally happened, I was challenged by my old tag team partner and partner in crime Donnie "Garvin" Murphy to take the 'Ice Bucket Challenge.' So I dawned a pair of shorts, forgetting my flippers at home and called out Critter from Z94, Full Metal Jackie from the 'Full Metal Jackie' Show on Z94, Mike Harvey of the Mike Harvey Show on My 1073 and Sam Alex from Taste of Country Nights on K-LAW 101. I had also meant to challenge the Nashville Kat from K-LAW 101, but apparently had a little pre-challenge brain freeze, so Kat, consider yourself challenged as well.

But that wasn't all. Watch the video and enjoy the second challenge I sent out that will be more meaningful to the ALS Foundation. And take THAT challenge in honor and tribute of Pete Frakes, the man that this whole 'Ice Bucket Challenge' mania is all about.

I'd like to thank our friends Jameeka and the crew at Taco Mayo on 11th street for donating the ice used in the challenge. Thanks for helping us with the main necessity and thanks for being loyal listeners.

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