Am I the only one that does this? I have reminders in my Outlook calendar for everything!

If I don't set up reminders I won't remember to do everything I have to do. I have reminders set for Monday, Wednesday and Friday to remind myself to take time for myself (yes, I actually do). Every Monday I have reminders to tell me to pick winners from our database for contests that ran through the weekend.  On the first of the month I remind myself to grab numbers I need for a report that I have to fill out for our corporate staff. I have a reminder in the middle of the month to check the fire extinguisher in the My107 van. I have a reminder set every day at noon to remind me to post stories to our station Facebook pages and every Wednesday to run a test.

There is so much going on on any given day that if I don't set reminders I won't remember to do them.  Am I the only one or do you set up reminders in your calendar as well?