Unless you're horribly gullible, you've probably developed a decent B.S. radar. And a new poll on Reddit.com asked people to name the phrases that immediately make them call B.S. on someone. Here's the top seven

1. Running late! Be there in five minutes." That really means, "I won't even be leaving the house for another five minutes."

2. "I'm fine." That really means, "I'm not fine."

3. "I'm not trying to be rude." That really means, "I'm about to say something incredibly rude."

4. "Just kidding!" That really means, "I'm mostly kidding, but there's some underlying truth about how I feel in there."

5. "That was my last piece of gum." That really means, "I have plenty of gum."

6. "To be honest with you, " That really means, "I haven't been honest in anything else I've said so far."

7. "Clearly," "obviously," and "basically." Those three really mean, "I don't have any real evidence to support what I'm saying."