Thousands of registered sex offenders could be living next to your child's school or playground. Even though laws specifically prohibit registered sex offenders from doing so these criminals have found a loop hole. Find out the shocking truth!Sex offenders in Oklahoma are not allowed to live within a certain distance from areas that could put them in constant contact with their potential victims. However, many of these very same people have found ways avoid being tracked by authorities. The common way seems to be changing their identity on paper. Offenders will change social security numbers, names, and dates of birth. Oklahoma laws also state that sex offenders must register there address every six months.

A survey taken nation wide shows that 16.2 percent of sex offenders change their identity to avoid being tracked by the police and parole officers. Louisiana had the highest number with 65 percent of the offenders changing personal information in order to elude the watchful eye of police.  Many of these offenders will hold jobs that pay them only in cash so they do not have to show social security numbers or submit to background checks.

Police, advocacy groups, and neighborhood watch groups are doing their due diligence in order to make sure sex offenders are not given an opportunity to commit the very same crimes that landed them on the list. In contrast, it is not unusual to find situations where people have not committed a sexually deviant crime to end up on the list. Case in point would be a 17-year high school student who had sex with his girlfriend age 15. The girl's parents knew of their sexual relationship and were okay with the situation. By Oklahoma legal definition this a crime and punishable by 15 years in jail.

But, if this couple had waited one day, week, month, or year the male in the scenario would be protected by the Romeo and Juliet Laws that some states have. In this case, the parents could not intervene with the states case as statutory rape falls under state laws and do not need the permission to prosecute. I want to make it very clear that I am not in any manner, shape, or form condoning under aged sex nor am I suggesting sex all offenders are innocent victims. There are numerous examples that you could pull that is just the first that popped into my little noggin.

In the digital age when personal data can be stolen, changed, and re-used how should we track sex offenders?