So you have the man of your dreams in your life. Is he really mature? We have the top ten signs that your man may have some growing up to do. 

New research has pinpointed the exact age that men mature completely: 43. That's 11 whole years after women. But at least men know they take more time to grow up. In the same study, men were nearly twice as likely to describe themselves as immature than were women, with one in four men believing they are actively immature. Researchers asked women to reveal the signs that they say mean a man is still immature. Here are the top 10:

1. Eating fast food at 2 AM

2. Giggling a bit at rude words

3. Playing practical jokes

4. Trying to beat children at games and sports

5. Re-telling the same silly jokes and stories when with the guys

6. Their mother still does their laundry and still makes them breakfast or, indeed, any meal

7. Wearing tennis shoes for a night out

8. Getting too excited over bachelor parties

9. Showing off about how women are attracted to them

10. Showing off about protein shakes/weight-lifting/how much they 'lift'

Bonus -  Wearing pajamas, specifically cartoon pajamas (or underware)

So where does your man fit in? Any or all of the above? Does he only act like this around other guys or is it all of the time? Take the poll and match up his maturity.