As a Veteran I take great pride in our Country, the Flag, and the people who make up our nation, but these kind of anti-american decisions that are being made by different organizations throughout the United States bring me great sadness and shame.

The Sioux Falls, South Dakota School Board made the decision that the Pledge of Allegiance takes too much time in the morning. They say while it is okay for the Elementary and Middle School students to recite the pledge, there is just not enough time in a High School agenda to allow for students to participate in the pledge.

I really would like to say this, If I was a residence of Sioux Falls, and if this is the direction that the Sioux Falls School Board is taking, and the sentiments of the administration of that school system, then I would find another school for my child to attend.

Shame on this board and the decisions they are making.  A little research and I found that just months ago this same board was up in arms over the prayer that is given prior to their own meetings.

We as a country should be outraged by the lack of Patriotism displayed in this and many other organizations.  It is time that those who are appointed to political and administrative positions return to the foundation of such positions, representation of the people.

Shame on them, check out the news coverage by Fox News: