U.S. Army Soldier Joseph Kunkel who currently lives in Pennsylvania, was on his way home from a deployment to be with his wife during the birth of their newborn child. It would later turn into a race to get home before the child was born when his flight was cancelled.

“I had a ticket to go from Lawton to Dallas to Baltimore; and when I got to the Lawton Airport, they canceled my flight,” he said.

While at the Lawton airport, a fellow soldier offered to give Kunkel a ride to Dallas so he could catch his flight. Although the flight was delayed, he eventually made it to the hospital where his wife was getting ready to give birth.

Kunkel's wife, Jena had no idea that he had found a way home when she asked the nurses to bring the anesthesiologist because the labor pains had become unbearable at that point.

Nurses then dressed Kunkel up as a doctor to his military uniform and surprise his wife and three hours later, his daughter was born.

“I fell in love with my baby as soon as I saw her,” Kunkel said. “She was just waiting extra long; I swear she knew that her daddy was coming.”