We arrived early on Sunday morning at the famous Buffalo Chip campground.  The line to check in was actually very short and was without incident. We had to go to the administration building to get our media passes and while there met the staff including the director of media relations, Rea McLean. For the amount of people that were in and out of the office and the number of phone calls they were receiving, I have to say the staff was very cordial.  Shirley gave us several recommendations of places to eat while we were at “The Chip”.  We received our passes and decided to walk around and observe the area.  We saw some interesting bikes throughout the campground and watched a woman hold back two motorcycles with her arms. (Pictures below). You can definitely see some ‘interesting’ things by just walking around.  We stopped and had a couple of beers at one of the MANY bars and decided to head over to the Full Throttle to check it out as well.

The Full Throttle was easy to get to and not a lot of people were there yet. Remember, this was a Sunday afternoon at this time. Again, some very interesting people watching including a woman literally getting her jeans painted on (pictures below). We watched a few aerobatic displays, drank a beer and headed back the short distance to the Buffalo Chip to find a good seat for the evening’s concerts. We were treated to 4 On The Floor, a Minnesota band, Halestorm (which my sister kept calling Hallstrom…she’s a goober) and ZZ Top! The concert was entertaining but the people were much more “entertaining”.  Because I signed a release that said I would not post any photographs of nudity I couldn’t take many pictures. Yes, there were lots of people that must have been really hot even though the temperatures dipped into the 50’s.

The most memorable thing of the evening was the amount of motorcycles that were in front of the stage.  When the bands were finished with a song, they didn’t applaud or whistle or yell, they revved their motorcycle engines.  It was awesome to listen to and the bands LOVED it!

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took at The Buffalo Chip and The Full Throttle Saloon.  Tomorrow we are going back to downtown Sturgis to visit the motorcycle museum!