A new dating site is making a splash across the cyber sphere. WotWentWrong.com gives you feedback on why your relationship turned sour.

The website gives the broken hearted an outlet for their ‘grief.’ In essence, you can send your ex- boyfriend/girlfriend a pre-crafted message with customized questions in hopes of getting a response back that might give you some closure.  Receiving answer back is not guaranteed, and if you get one it might read something like “Your feet smelled,” “Baldness is not sexy,” or “Bad smile.”

I decided to check it out; after all, I have been in some relationships that have ended badly. For example, I dated a gal, whom I will name M. We dated for a year when day I got home from work and she broke up with me with no good explanation, but left behind our 8 weeks old puppy!

I guess some good came out of that relationship!  So as you can tell I still have a lot on my mind when it comes to relationships. I am not a member of any dating sites yet, but this morning when I came across wotwentwrong.com. I was instantly intrigued. The dating site asked me some pretty personal questions, such as rate her smile and I did. I said her smile was 3 out of 5. Next, they asked me to rate her in bed! What? Wait! I did answer that question, but I will remain mum on that one. After about 20 more such questions, my so called ‘pre-crafted message’ was ready to send. Then it hit me- wotwentwrong.com was planning on sending my ex-girlfriend Q&A of what I had answered about her. That was taking it too far. I drew the line.

Maybe diving into the past isn’t such a good idea? Like my grandpa always said, “Move forward, never move back.” But on the other hand, sorry grandpa, it seems I am not done rubbing salt in the wound yet. That’s why I ask ALL OF YOU- what’s the worst break up line you’ve ever heard?


  • It's Not You, it's Me!
  • I love you, but I'm not in love with you!
  • I think it's time to see other people!

What's the worst break up line that you've heard?