Listen up ladies, being single isn’t some sort of illness or a sign that you’re going to end up with 20 cats and living alone in an embroidered sweatshirt. However, if you’re a little Charlotte York desperate here, you must be getting the wrong information. Dating is already tough as it is, stop reading these dating books that make it even tougher.

1. Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey – He blatantly tells you that while at a bar men aren’t there to learn about your hopes and dreams, they saw something physical and they want that. How about wanting a guy who isn’t as shallow as a kiddie pool? Your physical appearance may be able to grab his attention, but it is your personality that will keep it, not that mini skirt.








2. The Rules. Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right –If you are a rule follower this book will lead you right out of the dating game and into a life of being single. There’s a rule for how many dates you should go on before sex, how many times he should visit you before you visit him if you’re doing the long distance deal, and if you date more than two years, you must not be following the rules because surely you would be married by now. Throw that rule book out the window and rely on your own timing!







3. The Rules According to JWoww by Jenni Farley – How does someone that gets into bar brawls and fights with just about everyone on Jersey Shore get the expertise to write a book on dating? That's all we have to say when it comes to this book!









4. How To Meet Your Match Online: The Last Dating, Love, Or Marriage Guide You'll Ever Need- this book was written by a lawyer who turned into a self proclaimed ‘matchmaker.’ She advises you to approach potential dates as business clients! She says ‘take good notes after your first date and try to be objective…’ Oh boy!








5. Men love abuse: The Guide to Losing the Nice Girl Image & Getting the Man You Want, by Tionna Tee SmallsWe all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, however, this book says Don’t cook for him until you’re married, “No title, no chicken,” to be exact. Since when did a person have to earn the right to have meal prepared for them? If you love to cook or money for eating out is tight, make cooking dinner together a get-to-know you, fun experience, not a marriage proposal.






6. The Geisha Secret: Ancient Dating Rituals Proven to Win a Modern Man’s Heart by Hanako -- While this book does offer a small spark of good advice (don’t appear aggressive), this useless dating tidbit tells women to speak inaudibly.  Supposedly, men love it when they can barely hear a woman’s voice; a loud, harsh voice is unattractive – along with confidence. But wearing feminine clothing and shoes is a must. If your first date outfit is unfeminine, lock yourself in the closet. Would be great advice if the best looking, best dressing guys out there hadn’t just come out of the closet.






Women aren’t the only ones getting bad advice, here’s a glimpse at what men are being told:

7. "The CODE: Time Tested Secrets for Getting What You Want from Women- Without Marrying Them!”— This book is a response to ‘The Rules’ (Number 2 on our list) and it teaches men how to stop ‘those rule girls’- the Code reads ‘no more lonely Saturday nights because you called her after Wednesday!’ It seems to us that both men and women have difficult time when it comes to dating! And it seems that both sides are getting insane dating advices!







So here is our advice- being in your 30’s is a great time to discover who you are and what you want out of this life. Keep your confidence up, throw away these books and you will find prince charming on your own fabulous free will.

What are other bad dating books do you think we should add to our list!