Isiah Marin, 21, has been charged with nearly beheading 19-year-old Jacob Crockett at an apartment complex in Stillwater, OK.

Isiah's brother Samuel, was with him and the victim in the apartment when Isiah and Jacob were playing a card game.

Samuel recounts Isiah going to pick up a sword and began swinging it around. Shortly after Samuel left the room, he later heard a noise of what sounded like someone getting stabbed.

He recounts seeing the victim "standing up with blood gushing from his chest." Samuel also recounted that his brother had disagreements with the victim because Jacob and his brother Jesse, were practicing witchcraft and that it went against Isiah's "strong Christian beliefs."

During a press conference, Stillwater Police Captain Randy Dickerson, stated that when officers arrived on the scene they found Jacob's head almost severed as well as multiple deep slash and stab wounds.

Authorities state that Marin has no known ties to ISIS and that he has been charged with first degree murder.

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