According to a new survey, this is the most dangerous time of year for your cell phone. 

More people lose or damage their phone in July than any other month of the year. And June and August are a close second and third. July Fourth is one of the hardest days of the year on cell phones. Claims for lost or damaged phones go up by 50% right after the Fourth.

Water damage is the biggest threat to your phone during the summer. That's probably because 72% of people use their phones to listen to music at the pool or the beach. I can relate here. Not so much the beach or lake - but water damage from the toilet, washing machine and sprinkler system have wreaked havoc on three cell phones between Molly, Kaleb and I in the Miller house.

Also, 30% of people use their phones to take vacation photos. Here lies a risk of losing your phone in a strange place. I have left my phone at a place I was staying, I was almost to the airport and had to turn around to retrieve it. This cost me in multiple ways; extra gas for the extra trip, which then caused me to be late in turning my rental car in, which then turned into a late check in for the flight (luckily they held the plane) and my patience wore thin due to my mistake.

Have you received damage to your phone? Minor or major - what did you do?