25 Best Songs to Boost Your Workout
Working out can really be a good thing. It can get better if you have the right music to exercise to. Mace and Miller have found the top 10 songs to work out to. Take time to download to your smart device and create your own workout mix...
Ohio Man Loses 200 Pounds So He Can Join the Army
I ran across this story the other day about a 21 year Ohio man that worked toward his weight loss goal , and through hard work and perseverance attained his goal and joined the Army. It's truly is an inspiring story about setting a goal and through hard work achieving it.
Top 5 Foods To Help You Recover After Exercise
Now that the weather is warmer, more and more people are getting out and enjoying the weather and getting some exercise or even getting out and working in the yard. And after that exercise or after planting that garden you wake up the next morning and you are stiff and sore, here are 5 foods that yo…