Fleetwood Mac

40 Years Ago: Fleetwood Mac Release ‘Mystery to Me’
By the start of 1973, Fleetwood Mac were in a state of flux, trying to find solid footing and an identity for the band. The recent departure of longtime guitarist Danny Kirwin led to a fluctuating lineup, with the addition of guitarists Bob Weston and Bob Welch, as well as Dave Walker, who would sup…
Christine McVie Open to Fleetwood Mac Concert Reunion
Christine McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac 15 years ago, and while she's occasionally attended the group's concerts, she's repeatedly refused her former bandmates' requests to join them for a performance. But maybe her resolve is finally weakening.
Clash of the Classics: Fleetwood Mac vs Dire Straits
On last weeks' "Clash of the Classics" Clay chose Roy Orbison's original "Oh Pretty Woman" so Nancy chose Van Halen's version.  Clay took the win on this one so now it's Mace 2 and Miller 2. Who will win braggin' rights this week?
We a…

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