Rock of Ages

‘Rock of Ages’ – Movie Review
The film version of ‘Rock of Ages‘ merits a lengthy and highly qualified recommendation: Can you stand the Broadway musical format at all? Can you stay extremely open-minded as some of your favorite ’80s rock songs are re-recorded by actors, then endure a couple of questi…
“Rock Of Ages’ Movie Trailier Preview [VIDEO]
My 107.3 FM proudly plays music from the 80's and coming in June you will enjoy that same music on the big screen.  I ran across this movie trailer today for a  rock/ musical movie called " Rock Of Ages" that will hit theaters on June 15, 2012.
Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand Rock Out in ‘Rock of Ages’ [PHOTO]
Today, director Adam Shankman tweeted a brand-new photo from the set of his new movie, 'Rock of Ages,' featuring a never before seen glimpse of stars Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in full-on rock mode.
In the movie, set during the '80s, Baldwin plays Dennis Dupree, an aging rocker who is now the own…