So, for those of you who are still getting all that tax stuff wrapped up, I thought we could pass along some tips to make your last-minute efforts acceptable to the IRS.

  1. To meet the deadline, a return has to be POSTMARKED by 11:59:59 Tuesday night, April 15th.  You'd be shocked how many people think it has to make it TO the IRS by then.
  2. It's has to be a U.S. Postal Service postmark (that means your postage meter at work won't cut it).
  3. IRS won't pay for postage due, so make sure you've put the correct amount.  If they send it back, you've missed your tax deadline.
  4. Forms are everywhere -- including online, in post offices, lots of libraries.
  5. If you need to file online -- but not sure what service to use -- the IRS has a lot of info and links to great (and mostly free) prepping sites.  Check them out at
  6. If you don't think you'll make it -- filing an extension is the BEST option.  If you file an extension, though, you still have to get the money you owe and the form to the IRS by the 15th.  An extension isn't about giving you more time to come up with your payment -- it's about giving you more time to get all the paperwork stuff together.  They still want your money. . .
  7. If you file online -- and select direct deposit for your refund -- check your account on Thursday of the next week.  Thursdays are the days the IRS issues refunds.