It's taken a while, but Crimestoppers of Southwest Oklahoma has moved one inch farther into the technological revolution.

You can now TEXT in information about a crime.  No more having to actually have a conversation with someone (so 1995), this might just open the door for more people to report on crimes under the guise of anonymity.

Here's how it works:

1.    Open your cell phone's TXT MSG (text message) window

2.    Select TXT MSG:  In the "TO: window type:  274637 (CRIMES) and then hit the "OK" key

3.    In the text window type:  BUST.  Then in the same text window, type the details of the tip you are witnessing or have information about.  (Do not include your contact information or name; you will remain anonymous.)

4.    Hit "SEND"

You will receive a confirmation text with your control number.  Please allow at least one week before you follow up with a similar text and your anonymous control number for the status of your case.  Your anonymous control number is your identity so please save it or write it down.

5.    To end the conversation, type "STOP" and hit "SEND". (Please do not type the word "STOP" for at least several days just in case we have a question for you.