The 100th Anniversary of Titanic has been marked with the 'Titanic Memorial Cruise’ caring on board the surviving relatives of the 1,500 people who lost their lives on April 15, 1912.

The Memorial Cruise set sail from England on Sunday to retrace Titanic’s voyage, including a visit to the location where the ship sank!

On Sunday, as the ship was leaving, people were captured waiving from the ship, many even dressed in ‘period costumes’ as first class passengers, crew members, and stewards.

The MS Balmoral is much smaller and slower vessel than the Titanic, that’s why it had to leave two days earlier. The original trip would have been 6 days- passing through France, Ireland, and then into the Atlantic Ocean to New York. Titanic was expected to arrive in Manhattan on the Hudson River on April 21, 1912. However, 4 days into the trip Titanic collided with an iceberg- causing the ‘indestructible ship’ to sink.

BBC News is capturing day by day the memorial cruise! Also you can watch the MS Balmoral via satellite images!

Do you think the memorial ship is tempting fate?