We arrived in Houston on Friday evening and spent the evening with friends at Bubba Gumps on the Kemah Boardwalk. Nick had asked Tauna to pick up a mesh back hat but she misunderstood and thought he said a mesh backpack. Luckily we figured it out before we left. The boardwalk was filled with children dressed in costume for Halloween.

Cabin door decorations

On Saturday we arrived at the ship dock around noon after following our GPS through a detour TWICE. We decided to silence her and follow the signs. The lines weren’t too bad and we were finally arrived on board around noon. We checked into our room and I think we were the only room on the 5th deck that decorated their door. We decided it was okay that we were the only ones since we could find our room easy enough no matter what condition we were in.

Since It was Tauna’s birthday and my 11th wedding anniversary we decided to pay the $30 per person up charge and have dinner in Cagney’s Steak House. Tauna was given a birthday cake and even the cooks sang her Happy Birthday!

Nancy and Tauna

The first day on the cruise ship was a little chilly. Highs were only in the 70’s and the winds were gusting on the main deck. We slept in on our first day because we were spending the entire day at sea. Even though there are 70 people in our group we haven’t run into very many. Gary Rainey represented our group today in the sexiest leg contest. He won the “harriest” legs and the overall prize of sexiest legs!

We attended the shore shopping presentation so we could learn the best places to shop in Cozumel. Then we had dinner in the main dining room and met a very nice couple from Minnesota. We enjoyed the “Band on the Run” show and spent some time with friends in the Norwegian Dance Party. We are headed to bed because we have to be ready to disembark tomorrow morning at 7:55 am! We are taking a fairy to Playa Del Carmen tomorrow to do some shopping.