I received tragic news just a few moments ago via the all-seeing Facebook.  The legendary BBQ flavor of the Branding Iron will cease to exist in 2014.

As a soldier stationed at Fort Sill for nearly eight years, I spent many a lunch hours at the Branding Iron.  There is no other BBQ that even compares and I find it a tragedy to be loosing this fine business.

The news of the closure was released on Facebook today,

"My parents have come to the decision that the Branding Iron will be closing down December 31st, 2013. You have only 3 DAYS to come get your spuds and BBQ. Come see some amazing girls and eat for your last time at the B.I.! Such a bittersweet feeling. Please share this status and let's fill the restaurant every night!"

The Branding Iron always had that 'hometown' feel, and the service was just as enjoyable as the food.

The post asks that we 'fill the restaurant every night', until close.  It would be an awesome gesture for the community of Lawton to pack this BBQ Icon, for the rest of this year!