Where does this cute piglet fit in the circle of life? Well, it rhymes with skillet... Ok, it's skillet.

For far too long, too many people think we can't eat the cute animals. When we say bacon, most people don't even associate that to being a pig. They just think of it as something that is made at the store.

It's a conversation I've had with many, and the objections are always the same. You can't eat cute animals. It has a face. Everything has feelings. Blah, blah, blah... The simple fact is, the cuter the animal, the tastier the meat.

Now, if we can just convince My107's Nancy Mace into carving up one of her pet cows... then it'd be a party!

Do the world a favor, when they're old enough, have a serious talk about where food comes from with your kids.

I told my nephews that pigs were unicorns in disguise... What other animal on earth can turn vegetables into bacon?