While art will always be subjective to personal taste, there's no denying how cool scrap-metal art really is.

The whole idea of taking junk and transforming it into something awesome is just about the artsiest thing a person can do. It takes a lot of creativity or foresight to take on a project like this, and those who can deserve every ounce of recognition they get.

The coolest booth I walked by this afternoon was that of Schwark Metal.

Stephen Schwark is the creator of the single most awesome 'thing' at Arts for All. It's a seven foot tall buffalo gunslinger sculpture called 'The Outlaw.'

Among his awesome gun-slinging buffalo, there were other infinitely cool works of art. A barbed wire bear, a scrap metal deer, a meticulously crafted whale... I'm pretty sure some of his work will find solace in my home some day.