BBQ season is here!  Who doen't like a good meal that has been grilled out?  Chicken, pork, beef,  it is all good and even better if grilled.  But how do you prepare the meat for the event?

We have seen the future of meat, and it is tumbled. Will your next barbecue have tumbled meat?

The Reveo Marivac Meat Tumbler is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It tumbles your meat with the goal of evenly, quickly, and deeply infusing marinades. The simple operation takes but two steps: After putting your meat and marinade in the tumbler, you vacuum-seal the chamber.

 Next, you start tumbling, enjoying the show as your loins, chops, and steaks flop around in the marinade, supposedly coating and penetrating every surface. Tumble your meat for 20 minutes and it tastes like it marinated in a Tupperware container all night.

 I am going to check one of these out and let you know if in fact it works as thay say.  I am too old fashioned maybe.  I still like letting it set all night.  That is the way I was taught.  We will see.