24 mosquito bites and two ticks later and all the animals are back in the house.

It started with dog training.  Kramer (who is an excellent dog) has always gone outside on a leash.  He was a rescue and we've always lived in populated areas, so it was always important to make sure he was safe.  Recently, we started training to be off leash in the yard.  We're pretty vigilant pet owners.  Well, I can't say that anymore about myself because I lost the dog.

I was on a conference call and got distracted.  I was on the deck and Kramer usually stays in eyesight.  But, he went on a little adventure.

40 minutes later, I saw him in a neighbor's yard (we have two acres and our neighbors are not exactly see-in-the-window close.  It's not like The Mace Place, but it is awesome for us).  I called to him and he came running.  Success!!  I opened the door but he had gone out the side door and that is where he thought I was supposed to be.  I ran to the side door in time to get him back in the house.  He got a cookie, I went back to work.

About two hours later, there was a fly buzzing around my head.  I had left the door open.  The dog knew to stay inside but the cat had not been part of that conversation.  Yoda had seen his opportunity to go exploring.

There is a little dry creek bed between the two acres of our property.  A cute and scenic bridge covers the bed to get from side to side.  Under that bridge are leaves, bugs, rocks and (probably) trolls.  Yesterday, I saw Yoda crawl under the bridge.  He wouldn't come out for kitty treats and wouldn't come to me but every time I said his name he would let me know he was scared and wanted to go back inside.

I crawled under the bridge (after I confiscated my husband's cell phone -- he threatened to take pictures) and the cat was just out of reach.

In a moment of panic, I jumped on the bridge to scare the cat out.  He came out from under the bridge.  At the speed of super cat.  He ran around the house, tried to get in through the garage but it was shut.  It took another 30 minutes to get him to a place I could pick him up and bring him inside.

Then, the fun began.  24 mosquito and ant bites from my ankles to my eyelid (yeah, that one is not fun) and one tick on my calf and the other right under my armpit (no idea how that happened).  One ruined pair of sneakers (hello muddy SW OK) and a pair of jeans that are now only suitable as 'work jeans.'

Thank God for all the rain.  Thank God both pets are safe and sound.  Thank God it wasn't actively storming.  Thank God for Calamine Lotion and Aloe. . . .