Human nature decrees, when it gets in the way, cut it down. The city of Plano put that into action today, making 'tower tipping' the phrase of the day.

For thirty years, this water tower has faithfully served the people of Plano, TX. At 178 feet tall, (900 feet on a City of Plano, Texas standard tape measure) the problem wasn't so much of 'why,' but of 'how?' Enter the water tower deconstruction experts.

With towers built such as these, like a tree more-or-less, you treat it as such. From the base, material is torched out until the entire structure starts to fall. It's literally 'felling' a water tower.

Much to our surprise, everything went off without a hitch. Nobody was hurt, and nothing spectacularly unplanned happened. The new commercial and residential developments can now have their own little slice of Plano, TX.