Well if you went to see The Last Witch Hunter this weekend, you can consider yourself a member of a pretty small club.

Given his body of work, we know that Vin Diesel digs the mysterious and supernatural roles. His IMDB is quite a bit more than Fast & Furious titles... but like most everything in his catalog, you can expect the same character he's played in almost every role.

Let me just say, The Last Witch Hunter isn't a bad movie... it's just not a great one. It's like watching Fast's Dominic Torreto fight evil that embodies witches, warlocks, and one 'Saw it from a mile away' regular old human. It's actually not that bad, but it felt like it was longer than it could have been.

This is one of those rare movies where the special effects actually completely over-shadow Hollywood staples like makeup and wardrobe. They were pretty seamless in the story, where as Vin looks out of place in a really bad hair piece. All that aside, there's really only one gripe I can think of.

As with most movies over the years, there is far too much fluff in most films. Not enough or, or too much irrelevant back-story. Scenes that accomplish nothing towards the plot. There's plenty of that in The Last Witch Hunter, but still, it's not a bad movie.

If you get the chance, catch it during matinee at Carmike Cinema out on 67th. With their pricing, it's a good bargain.