Progress!  We all love it, we all hate it.  When the Coca Cola building came down last year (or was it 2 years ago already) there was a lot of grumbling about tearing down a historical building (or landmark) in town.  

Then Bianco's decided to close their doors.  They were going to be relocated because of the 2nd street project and I read about how everyone was going to miss this restaurant and the dressing and I wondered about that as well.  Every time I drove by the parking lot there was barely 5 to 10 cars there at any given time.

Martin's Steak House (The Chop House) was torn down and My Dentist went in.  I heard people grumbling about that building being torn down but again, there was never anyone there.

Then the Putt Putt golf course came down the other day and I read more grumblings about it getting torn down.  I had NEVER seen anyone playing miniature golf there no matter what time of day or what day I drove by.

We complain about all these businesses going out of business but they have to have actual people coming in and spending money if they are going to stay in business.  If you are traveling to another city to do your shopping then that is part of the problem.  I try to find the things I need right here in Lawton before I shop outside the city.

I am very excited about the 2nd street project and the 82nd street project.  A lot of new businesses and restaurants are coming to town.  We need to start shopping locally so that we can keep the wheels of progress spinning.  I challenge each of you to keep your money as local as possible.  Now I know there are some things you can't get here and need to purchase them somewhere else but let's try to keep as much money local as we can.

Who's with me?