The state of Oklahoma is once again under a Red Flag Warning. Now when the National Weather Service initiates this warning what does that mean for the citizens in the Red Flag areas and what does the warning itself mean?

The Red Flag Warning also known as a Fire Weather Warning is issued by the United States National Weather Service to inform firefighters and land management agencies that conditions are ideal for wildfire ignition and rapid progression.

The criteria of these warnings are local vegetation types, distance from major water sources, temperatures, humidity and wind speed.

Before the Red Flag Warning is called the area will enter a Fire Weather Watch. This informs that conditions may exist. The watch can be issued for up to 72 hours, if conditions become more favorable for wildfires it then upgrades to a warning.

As of know much of Southwest Oklahoma is under the Red Flag Warning and the weather services are predicting dry conditions to remain for the remainder of week. If you spot a wildfire notify your local firefighter department of the location and seek safety, do not attempt to put the fire out yourself.

If a fire occurs near or at your home, call 911 and evacuate immediately.