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Out of curiosity we looked to see if Lawton/Fort Sill had an entry into the Urban dictionary and the terms were not exactly friendly.

Lawton, Oklahoma, according to the Urban Dictionary has two different meanings the first definition is:

A town located in the southern region of Oklahoma consisting of little to no places for teenagers to congrogate. Within this town there is basically a mall (where anyone under 18 isn't allowed on Fridays and Saturdays after 5 p.m) ,one skatepark far away from anywhere in town, leaving nothing for us to do other then get high, shoot eachother, drink, and that's about it. Well...there is Fort Sill with some things to do.... but noone can get on without an i.d.It's a boring town, if you ever think of moving here DONT, and if your forced, welcome to HELL, USA.One last note: If you move here, dont expect to be able to get out all that easily.... easy getting in, hard getting out.
Stay the F*** away from Lawton, Oklahoma!
Defined by user Heretic Seth
The second definition is no better:
One of the most dismal big-small towns in the largest fly over-state in the country.It has a very high murder-per-capita rate with large amounts of narcotic and gang-related activity. There are over 113 gangs in and around the area.
The only factor which puts us on the map is our military base, Fort Sill. Fort Sill brings in a large Korean and German population. Very little work can be found other than menial jobs such as fast food. Our education system is also very poor and uninvolved. Aside from joining the military, selling drugs, or making your way out to one of the local strip clubs, there is very little entertainment to be had in Lawton.
Visitation or moving into Lawton is highly discouraged, as it is very hard to leave unless you are in the military.
Person 1: Ever been to Lawton, Oklahoma?Person 2: Yes, I drove through there once. It was awful.
Defined by user yanekov.
Lawton isn't the only one that has some entries in the Urban Dictionary, Fort Sill has one as well and this how it was defined:
an active duty army post in southwest Oklahoma. It is called "the home of the field artillery".
people stationed there are "stuck" and it is very difficult for them to go to other duty stations without re-enlisting.

The only thing to do in the nearby town of Lawton is to drink your life away or waste money on strippers.

Me: I've been stationed at Fort Sill.

friend: that place sucks, at least you can drive down to texas on the weekends.

Defined by user pootcacti.
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