Every year, the question always looms...What are you doing New Year's Eve? Every year I answer it the same way and so do 54% of all Americans - "I'm staying home." And here are the reasons why:


  • 1

    No Obnoxious Drunk People


    The later the evening the drunker people get and the more obnoxious they become (and that's not just me).

  • 2

    You Won't Have To Go Out In The Cold


    I don't like having to get out in the cold. I prefer staying inside where it's warm.

  • 3

    You Won't Have to Wait


    You won't have to wait to be seated at a restaurant or pay high prices to eat.

  • 4

    No Awkward Midnight Kiss

    Thomas Hawk, Flickr

    Unless of course you're into that!

  • 5

    You Can Wear Your Comfy Clothes

    Photo Objects

    I personally like to wear my sock monkey jammies and you really don't want to see me out in public with them on.

  • 6

    If You Have Kids, No Babysitter


    I am sure it is a challenge to find a good baby sitter in the first place but on a holiday night like this I'm sure it's near impossible.

  • 7

    Catch Up On Your DVRd Programs


    My DVR is getting full so I will be staying home to catch up on all the programs I have recorded since the beginning of 2013.

  • 8

    You Can Catch Up on Your Sleep


    That's what I plan on doing!

  • 9

    You Don't Have to Risk the Roads


    You may not be drinking and driving but that doesn't mean someone else isn't.

  • 10

    You Won't Get Caught Drinking and Driving


    If you even have just a "couple of drinks" you won't have to worry about getting a ticket or, even worse, losing your license.