Ladies, do NOT let your husbands read this story! There is a new high-tech handbag that claims to be able to stop the spending of shopaholics! It's called the iBag.

It uses a smart sensor on the owner's wallet to track their spending. If it detects a shopping spree, or the owner walks into their favorite store, it can automatically lock itself.

The iBag is designed to help people who can't control their spending. The bag has an RFID smart tag that is used to track when your wallet is taken out of the bag, and how often. You can set a clock to lock the bag during vulnerable spending times of the day such as lunchtime. A mobile phone module can send a text alert when you enter a 'danger spending zone', which the user can set to their favorite store or shopping center. And finally, a GPS chiup controls LED lights to warn when entering a 'danger spending zone' or shipping center at a vulnerable time.

Source: Daily Mail

This so called iBag was OBVIOUSLY designed by a man to keep his wife out of the shoe store. Hide this story from your men!