August 24th Lawton/Ft.Sill will have the night time filled with the sounds of the Swon Brothers.  They will be the headliner for the evening after a great day filled with a car show and a poker run - all part of the 2nd annual Cars and Guitars show.  You may know the Swon Brothers from this past season of The Voice on NBC. The country duo came in third place overall in the competition. They have a wide range on the genre that they perform.

According to Colton, the Swon family was on the road a lot, and after leaving the road, their parents formed a family-style variety show back in Oklahoma in a nearby town, Wagoner, OK. Soon Zach and Colton were charming crowds each week and cutting their musical teeth on everything from Elvis to Frank Sinatra.

They had to learn everything from Sinatra to Michael Jackson, even a Grease song, but of course, Country was their favorite music! Solo's for both were in the show where they sang. Zach loved Elvis, so he actually dressed up in a suit and wig and did an Elvis impersonation during the show.”

"Colton came out with the top hat and sang a Frank Sinatra song,” Zach said. “I enjoyed singing back then but I was more into playing. I feel really blessed to be a musician because I’ve never taken a lesson on any instrument."

"Drums, I just picked up naturally, and I got a chance to watch a lot of good players throughout the years with my parents, and they all showed me stuff." added Zach. "It was at the show in Waggoner where I picked up piano and guitar at the same time.”

The future looks bright for the Swon Brothers, and we are looking forward to bringing them to Lawton to performing for you during the Cars & Guitars show at the Comanche Nation Casino on August 24.

Watch the Swon Brothers perform Bob Seger's "Turn The Page" on The Voice: