As it gets colder and colder, it's easier to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Partly because of seasonal affective disorder, since you don't get as much sun. But also because it just gets too friggin' cold. 

And according to a new survey, the number one thing that lifts our mood during the colder months is are you ready?  A hug. Here is what we found out.

1. A hug. Every one loves a good hug. Does not have to be a 'bear hug' but one that shows genuine care.

2. Hanging out with friends. Do you really just have to wait or the weekend?

3. Going for a walk. Later afternoon just before sundown is the best time to clear you mind from all of the stress of the day. Good exercise for the body as well.

4. Listening to music. Of course you are listening to Classic Hits on My1073.

5. Watching your favorite TV show. In this day and age with all of the technology, you could save up all of the shows you wanted to and never run out all winter long

6. One-on-one time with your significant other. Really a great time to get re acquainted. Take that weekend trip you have been putting off. Surprise them. It can spark something really good.

7. A call or text from a friend. Been awhile since you talked?  This is always a way to put you in a better mood.

8. Comfort food. Cold weather makes me want stew. Don't forget the cornbread.

9. Coffee. All day any day. Can alternate with chocolate.

10. A call or text from a relative. Love catching up with my family. They are so spread out now days. Good to hear what they are all up to.

There are other things that did not quite make it to the top ten. Stiff drink was 13th, followed by a hot bath at15th,  and exercise was 16th. Now you could combine all these in this order. Exercise followed by a stiff drink in a hot bath. There. Did that put you into a better mood?

How many of these do you use to get out of the cold weather blahs?