Get inspired or learn something new with the Top 5 life – changing TED lectures. The California based annual conference invites the most innovative thinkers from around the world to share with us their studies and projects. Check out these ideas worth spreading!TED was founded in 2007 and since then has offered hundred of lectures on almost any topic imaginable. Names such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marco Tempest, T. Boone Pickens and the list goes on have presented their ideas.

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Steve Jobs -  How to live before you die—In his Stanford University commencement speech, Steve Jobs urges students to pursue their dreams and find the opportunities in life’s difficulties and obstacles, up to and including death.

Ken Robinson -  School kills creativity—In this TED talk, Ken Robinson, creativity expert, profoundly discusses an educational system that undermines creativity. He makes the case for creating an opposite system that instead nurtures students’ creativity, letting their natural talents shine.

Arthur Benjamin -  does “mathemagic”—In this energetic show, mathemagician Arthur Benjamin performs truly mind-boggling mathematical feats, including racing against a team of calculators to solve 3-digit squares, guessing some birthdays, and even audibly solving a 5-digit square so we can see how he does it.

Bobby McFerrin - hacks your brain with music—In a fun and unique 3-minute presentation, musician Bobby McFerrin jumps all over the stage, using the pentatonic scale to show a surprising way our brains function.

Keith Barry - does brain magic—Magician Keith Barry begins this TED talk by showing how our brains can trick our bodies. He then includes the audience in some astounding performances of brain magic.

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