In the last thirty years, micro-brews have been king of the hill in terms of home brewing beer. Now, whiskey lovers have their home brew kit too.

Now, just because it's designated as a 'whiskey' still, you don't have to cook up just whiskey. According to the site, just about anyone can make their own variety of spirits, including scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, schnapps, tequila, vodka, and of course moonshine.

Let me go ahead and add this here... Oklahoma has some ridiculous laws when it comes to liquor. That's why you can't buy it on Sunday, and real beer isn't sold outside of liquor stores. Due to these questionable laws, you can't actually make your own hard liquor in this state... In fact, just owning a never-used still can catch you a felony if the law wants to be d**k about it. But you can brew your own beer, and make a little wine with the proper papers. If you're into it, do your own research.

I digress, this would still make an epic man gift, especially if you're shipping it somewhere your rights aren't being frowned upon.

It's available here at