I've been pretty hard on LED flashlight technology in the past. Mainly, because LED's are so dependent on hyper-bright blue light. While it may be a higher lumen, the human eye can't see as well with white/blue light.

We get our best view out of soft, yellow light. As the white light of the sun passes through our atmosphere, yellow light is what we're used to. Well, this guy has changed the game with his 1000 watt LED flashlight, proving it is the worlds brightest.

As LED tech progresses, they've discovered how to soften the harsh LED display, yet boost the power up to more usable levels. As you can see, this albeit useless 1000 watt light is really bright.

Would you ever use it? No. It's heavy and bulky... but the technology is there. Look for this in a handheld unit by next year.