It tends to be the toys with the hefty price tag that have all the awesome and cool features and owning one will make you the envy the neighborhood, schoolyard etc. Now be the guy in at the campground that owns that one RV that makes all the kids cry that "their's sucks."

Meet the eleMMent Palazzo, a 40 foot double decker RV that is considered the Lamborghini of these weekend warrior homes.

Inside this behemoth from Marchi Mobile, there is a master bedroom, a fireplace, a pop-up cocktail lounge, underfloor heating and is self cleaning on the outside.

This RV has some speed as well as it can top off at 93 MPH so it won't be much of a drag on the highway.

How much will this set you back? Well if you want the RV in solid gold you can expect to shell out $3 million, which is what a buyer in Dubai just did.

Marchi Mobile

The price for the regular white model is unknown, but its safe to guess that it also has a price tag that is sure enough to give you a heart attack.