Don’t let your mom be one of the many who have to pretend to like their Mother’s Day gifts. Get her something she really wants this year, not something she needs or something that will just create more work for her, such as a puppy. Just in case the gift you were planning on giving is a dud, here’s a list of presents you should never get your mom for her special day!

1. Kitchen items: These include everything from oven mitts to a new dishwasher. While Mom may have been pining over a dishwasher that doesn’t sound like a washing machine and that actually cleans the dishes, save that for a just-because gift.

2. Parenting books: On Mother’s Day, let your mom know she’s the greatest gift you’ve ever been given. Never mind the fact that you spent too much time in time-outs as a child. Mother’s Day is not the day to bring up everything about your childhood you think your mother should have changed.

3. Exercise gear: So what if Mom has been saying for years that she needs to get in shape and lose a few pounds. Never buy your mom Richard Simmons videos, dumbbells, or spandex shorts.

4. Cookbooks: Every mom should feel that she is a gourmet chef whose children love every dish she puts in front of them. So the one day of the year that is devoted to pampering your mom is not the day to present her with a Betty Crocker cookbook, dog-eared to pages of recipes you’ve been wishing she’d make forever.

5. Wrinkle cream: This one needs no explanation. Never come outright and tell your mom she’s developed a few wrinkles. Every day—but especially on Mother’s Day—she should feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

If all else fails, a day at the spa is always a win! What are you getting mom for Mother's Day?